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Houston Music and Wellness Center
Celebrated it's Grand Opening
Saturday, September 7th!

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Houston Music and Wellness Center
The Houston Music and Wellness Center is dedicated to
providing music programs in voice, piano, and drumming
with the goal of bringing about wellness
through the expression of music.  

Cindy St. Cyr
Cindy St. Cyr is the founder of the Houston Music and Wellness Center.  
She has over 25 years of experience in the music industry as a
professional singer and music educator in voice and piano.
Cindy is a trained facilitator in music & wellness programs
in both piano and drumming.  

Cindy's Passion
Cindy's passion is to create a safe space for people of all ages
to experience personal healing, self-growth, and wellness
through the joyful expression of the music making experience.  

Cindy's Training

Cindy has been personally coached and trained by
the top experts in the Music and Wellness Movement
including Internationally acclaimed Music Therapist, Christine Stevens,
Carl Bruhn, the Father of the Music-Making & Wellness Movement,
and Neurologist, Dr. Barry Bittman, who created HealthRHYTHMS and
Yamaha’s Clavinova Connection Music Making & Wellness Programs.  

Cindy received her formal music training at
Houston Community College, the University of St. Thomas, and
she has some music therapy training from Sam Houston State University.

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Houston Music and Wellness Center
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